Design Flexibility

How Cold Formed Steel Opens up Design Flexibility Creating striking architectural design and aesthetics is not always easy to achieve using traditional construction methods and […]


FRAMECAD Code Compliant in over 120 Countries The system we use, FRAMECAD, is a safe and easy system to specify for cold-formed steel, otherwise known […]

Shovel Ready

The COVID-19 Exit Plan, We’re Shovel Ready Steel Frame Solutions are ‘shovel ready’ to push your projects when we exit the COVID-19 lock-down. We can […]

Modular Construction

Forging a New Path in Rapid Construction As technology improves, so do construction techniques such as modular construction. With so many burgeoning trends and methodologies, […]

My Whare Youth Housing

Giving Back to the Community Steel Frame Solutions, Strachan Group Architects and New Zealand Steel are proud to be helping the Vision West Community Trust […]