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CFS savings go beyond the steel structure building cost alone

CFS - Cold Formed Steel in Construction

Chances are that when you’ve heard cold-formed steel (CFS) construction methods described, that cost savings have been heavily emphasized as a major advantage.

What you might not be so aware of is just where these cost savings lie and how a considerable amount of these savings can be found above and beyond simply the steel structure building cost alone.

The major CFS cost savings are cleverly explained in an infographic designed by, one of the pre-eminent cold-formed steel knowledge bases in North America. provide leading cold-formed steel-related information, to help those working in the construction industry succeed.

In this blog post, we take a close look at this infographic that shows all the direct and indirect costs savings achieved when using CFS construction. Savings relating to scaffolding, risk insurance, material durability, sprinklers, security, labor and more are examined below.

CFS - Cold Formed Steel in Construction
CFS – Cold-Formed Steel in Construction

Cost savings at a glance


There’s no chance of costly dry rot or termites, insurance premiums are reduced with CFS and as it’s so stable, CFS construction processes result in fewer warranty claims.

Shortened construction time and labor hours

As CFS framing is very accurate and is ideal for prefabrication, construction and erection times are cut right back, allowing for faster construction overall and fewer labor hours. This also reduces the cost of your financing.

Site security savings

As CFS is noncombustible it has a low fire risk. As some sites require fire-related site security, CFS can help avoid that and it also reduces the need for as many sprinklers.

Reduced scaffolding

Scaffolding is expensive but with the ability of CFS framing to be panelized this need can be either drastically reduced, or eliminated completely from project costs.

Performance for less

With the provision of the infographic included in this blog post, BuildSteel have supplied us with a brilliant visual representation to remind builders and construction companies that it is important not to only consider the direct construction costs of projects, but also the indirect costs related to the construction processes.

It’s exciting to have CFS’s variety of cost savings so clearly displayed in this infographic. Cold formed steel is not only a practical and flexible construction solution, it’s a clear winner when it comes to minimizing expenses, and shows that you don’t need to compromise on performance to save on cost.

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