Steel Frame Solutions


Last updated 1 November 2023

We get a lot of requests for a price list for the various frame kits we have displayed on our websites and/or social media posts, or for a custom kit.

We are in a very competitive business environment so we’re reluctant to provide a full price list as such.  But more importantly, virtually everything we manufacture is custom, the frame kit options displayed on websites and/or social media posts are probably not going to suit what you are after. i.e “can you change this window size”, “can you add another door opening here”, “can you increase the wall heights to…” etc.

And of course, our product, steel, is a commodity where the price can change from week to week.  If we state a price on a social media post, someone might see it six months later when then, of course, the price is most likely out of date.

Additionally, our product is a bulky freight item where delivery costs vary a lot.  We have our own delivery trailers where we can deliver framing as fully made-up panels, beams and components to most places in the North Island, but also we send framing all around the country and to the Pacific Islands as flatpacks.   A particular frame kit could have a price difference of $600 + gst or more for example due to the delivery location.  Providing pricing answers to social media posts, can and does cause unfair price estimates for both our potential customers and ourselves where someone has become confused by us responding online to say someone local with a price and the other person may be another 500k away or vice-versa where the local person may then think we’re too costly, where in fact we’re not.

If you would like a price for a frame kit, we are more than happy to provide this to you, however, we’ll do this by email in a proper quote format and not in a reply to a social media post which again causes confusion.

If you would like a price estimate now for something you have in mind, please complete the form below, which has a delivery location (for us to price delivery correctly).  In the note field (How can we help?), if you could confirm preferred wall heights and if there are internal walls, and anything else unique to what you’re after, this
also ensures we can provide a fair price estimate.  Ideally, if you can, attach a sketch of what you’re after then this works well for pricing and our designers interpretation.

If you don’t provide an accurate suburb or town, we have to price with the furtherest part of your region which may be dearer.
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