Why Steel Frames

Steel Frame Solutions

Why Steel Frame & truss

Stronger, easier, more cost effective

Better for you and the environment

Precision engineered steel frames, fabricated to the highest standards

  • Up to 50% faster to construct
  • Up to 70% lighter than wood
  • Up to 80% saved in engineering fees
  • Cut to precise specifications, for more accurate construction
  • Straighter and easier to assemble
  • Stronger and more durable
Peace of Mind

50-Year Durability Statement

Our light gauge steel frame and trusses are made with steel from Axxis® steel that has been developed and tested by New Zealand Steel, for New Zealand conditions.

Galvanised with a 100% zinc coating for protection, it is backed by a 50-year Durability Statement, so you can trust that Axxis® steel will stand the test of time.

Better Structural

Better Strength

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio compared to most conventional building materials, and so is by far a superior construction material.

A steel framed home will always have straight walls and square corners. Over time there will be no aggravating nail pop ups or drywall cracks.

Steel does not warp, bow or twist due to shrinkage, ensuring no long term movement problems with the framing and trusses.

Light gauge steel frames can be used in all climate conditions. They are not affected by rain or the elements.

No drying-out is required prior to construction.

Steel framing can take popular finishes like brick, stucco and stone among others.


Fire Protection

The most frightening aspect of a house fire is the speed with which it can spread, a factor that’s multiplied many times over with wood framing as fuel.

Steel will not contribute to fire as fuel.

If a fire does start in a steel-framed home, it’s less likely to spread from the area of origin.

Using steel can limit tragic loss from fire.


for You

The Asthma Foundation has deemed Axxis® steel a ‘sensitive choice’, for the potential benefit it provides to people living with asthma and allergies. Steel is not treated with chemicals, so it won’t emit potentially harmful toxins.

Nor will it rot or support the growth of mould. Mould is a significant cause of poor indoor air quality which can result in respiratory ailments for many Kiwi’s. Steel framing can help resist the onset and growth of mould.

Mould requires an organic substrate such as wood to grow and thrive. Being inorganic, steel framing actually inhibits the growth of mold, and promotes a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

Steel Frame Solutions

Better for your health


No Toxic Chemicals


No Mould


No Rot


No Termites


No Gases & Vapours


No Shrinking, Cracking, Splitting, Creeping


No Bowing, Bending, Warping, Twisting or Movement


No Drying Out Required


Not Affected By Rain


No Rust


Non Combustible


for the Environment

An average sized wood framed home requires at least 40 trees to be cut for framing. The framing for a typical steel framed home can be made from just a handful of recycled cars. The use of steel framing saves our nation’s forests and has a positive impact on the environment.

Because light gauge steel-framing is unaffected by temperature or humidity changes, a steel framed structure is more energy-efficient, thus saving on fuel costs. The lower energy consumption helps to further conserve our natural resources.

There is also no waste. Every piece is cut to precise length, punched, pre-drilled, labelled and often assembled before it leaves the factory.

Light gauge steel is 100% recyclable. Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is the most recycled product in the world!


to work with

Working with commercial grade galvanized structural steel has some major benefits.
The slender profile of steel, its strength and light weight makes it an ideal option and no cranes are required to assemble the framework, which saves time and money.

Many appreciate the simplicity of the screw-together framing, especially as there is no need for special tools.

It is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites as there is minimum disruption and disturbance to the native vegetation. It is particularly suited to sloping sites where access is difficult.
The wall frames and roof trusses can be positioned and screwed together in even the most remote locations without needing access to the power grid.
Steel beam depths are around half that of timber beams offering greater usable space and lower costs than that of other material.
Due to its superior strength and flexibility, it provides increased spanning capabilities meaning fewer columns/stud support requirements and therefore more usable space.
Build safely on sloping sites, even on the most difficult terrain. We can supply you with a floor system to sit on top of adjustable stumps which makes assembly very easy and you can trailer in most components.
Prefabricated frames are easy and quick to assemble and on-site wastage is almost eliminated. Frames fit together with logic and simplicity and being dimensionally stable, once erected they will not move or warp.
Prefabricated steel frames are straight and true which makes it easier and faster to achieve a high level of internal finish on the walls, the floors and ceilings. This saves time and money, and some trades actually prefer to work on steel frames because they do not have to pack out, or plane off and compensate for warps, twists and knots.
Our light gauge steel frames are pre-punched for quick and easy installation of plumbing and electrical services.
In summary the benefits of our

light gauge steel frames are

  • Lighter, stronger and straighter
  • Not treated with dangerous and often toxic chemicals
  • Quality is consistent. No bowing, bending, warping, twisting or movement.
  • Not affected by rain or humidity and no drying is required prior to construction
  • Not subject to rot or rust
  • Non-combustible and therefore presents a lower fire risk
  • Environmentally friendly and the most recycled material in the world
  • Lighter than timber, resulting in less foundation movement
  • Comes with a 50-year Durability Statement Warranty
  • Highly cost-effective, saving time and labour costs
  • Can reduce engineering fees by up to 80% when designed with our system
Steel Frame Solutions

Easy to assemble, strong and durable

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