Steel Framing in Commercial Developments

Steel Frame Solutions

Commercial Developments

Save time, money and achieve better outcomes

Time, cost and quality are critical factors in commercial construction – as every project manager and commercial builder knows.

That is why, right throughout New Zealand, steel framing has become the construction method of choice for forward-thinking commercial property designers and builders.

Steel frames, steel trusses and steel roofing panels offer commercial advantages because they are lightweight and easier to assemble. They can even be used in poor weather, so down time is reduced.

Keep your commercial projects

On track

Steel framing from Steel Frame Solutions saves on construction time and costs. It offers genuine building efficiency, critical to achieving successful commercial construction outcomes. 

  • Quicker assembly on site – it comes pre-constructed and arrives in panels
  • Straighter for more precise construction
  • Stronger and more durable
  • Easy modification on-site compared to the need to cut/weld structural steel
  • Easier maneuverability – it is lightweight and doesn’t require cranes
  • Construction during poor weather, keeping projects on target

It’s no wonder so many companies are moving to steel framing solutions for their commercial building projects, warehouse, and school projects.

When you choose Steel Frame Solutions, you partner with experts in the building field. All our staff are qualified builders, while each of our senior managers has decades of building experience. They’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of prefabricated light gauge steel frames.



Combining lightweight steel frame technology, advances in computer-aided design, and streamlined manufacturing, has revolutionised building by making steel trusses the best option for many applications. The advantages of Steel Frame Solutions steel trusses for commercial construction projects are:
  • Precision manufactured
  • Superior spanning capabilities
  • Fully bolted connections


Steel frame roof construction does not require traditional tools – the panels generally only need to be screwed together, making assembly quicker and simpler.

Steel Frame Solutions uses quality New Zealand made steel for easier commercial construction success.


Work With

We understand how construction delays can make or break a project. Our steel framing solutions offer:

  • Cost savings due to the fast speed of construction
  • No frame warping
  • In-house designing
  • Steel frames that are 70% lighter than timber
  • Steel frames that will not rot, shrink or twist

Steel framing from Steel Frame Solutions saves on construction time and costs and offers genuine building efficiency critical to achieving successful commercial construction outcomes.

Many appreciate the simplicity of the screw-together framing, especially as there is no need for special tools. Forget about nail guns, and lugging timber.
It is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites as there is minimum disruption and disturbance to the native vegetation. It is particularly suited to sloping sites where access is difficult.
Steel trusses and steel roofing panels reduce labour costs because they have straightforward assembly – only requiring a battery operated screwdriver.
The wall frames and roof trusses can be positioned and screwed together in even the most remote locations without needing access to the power grid.
Steel beam depths are around half that of timber beams offering greater usable space and lower costs than that of other materials.
Due to its superior strength and flexibility, it provides increased spanning capabilities meaning fewer columns/stud support requirements and therefore more usable space.
Build safely on sloping sites, even on the most difficult terrain. We can supply you with a floor system to sit on top of adjustable stumps which makes assembly very easy and you can trailer in most components.

Prefabricated frames are easy and quick to assemble and on-site wastage is almost eliminated. Frames fit together with logic and simplicity and being dimensionally stable, once erected they will not move or warp. Reduced waste on building sites means fewer bins are required.

Prefabricated steel frames are straight and true which makes it easier and faster to achieve a high level of internal finish on the walls, the floors and ceilings. This saves time and money, and some trades actually prefer to work on steel frames because they do not have to pack out, or plane off and compensate for warps, twists and knots.
Our light gauge steel frames are pre-punched for quick and easy installation of plumbing and electrical services.
High quality of finished interiors due of the straightness of framing and studs.

All our steel frames are designed and inspected by professional engineering consultants and architects to ensure Building Code Compliance in all aspects. Every project of Steel Frame Solutions are covered by third party engineer’s producer statements PS1 and PS4 for council consented plans.

Compatible with any roofing and cladding system
Bracing is achieved using a combination of “K” braces in the framing system and standard fixed gib. There is generally no need for specific ply or gib bracing.
Using steel framing also simplifies

the building consent process

All our steel frames are designed and inspected by professional engineering consultants and architects to ensure Building Code Compliance in all aspects.

Every project of Steel Frame Solutions can be, if required, be covered by third-party engineer’s producer statements PS1 and PS4.

Steel Frame Solutions

Better for your health

The Asthma Foundation has deemed Axxis® steel a ‘sensitive choice’, for the potential benefit it provides to people living with asthma and allergies. Steel is not treated with chemicals, so it won’t emit potentially harmful toxins. Nor will it rot or support the growth of mould.


No Toxic Chemicals


No Mould


No Rot


No Termites


No Gases & Vapours


No Shrinking, Cracking, Splitting, Creeping


No Bowing, Bending, Warping, Twisting or Movement


No Drying Out Required


Not Affected By Rain


No Rust


Non Combustible

Better for

the Environment

An average sized wood framed home requires at least 40 trees to be cut for framing. The framing for a typical steel framed home can be made from just a handful of recycled cars. The use of steel framing saves our nation’s forests and has a positive impact on the environment.

Because light gauge steel-framing is unaffected by temperature or humidity changes, a steel framed structure is more energy-efficient, thus saving on fuel costs. The lower energy consumption helps to further conserve our natural resources.

There is also no waste. Every piece is cut to precise length, punched, pre-drilled, labelled and often assembled before it leaves the factory.

Light gauge steel is 100% recyclable. Our commercial grade galvanized structural steel is the most recycled product in the world!

To learn more about using steel framing for your next commercial construction project, call us on 0274 806 186 or use our contact form.