Steel Frame Process

Steel Frame Solutions


Let us streamline your steel framing process from start to finish

Our teams are highly driven to meet deadlines and our uncompromised service levels set us apart from our competitors.

All our steel frames are designed and inspected by professional engineering consultants and architects to ensure Building Code Compliance in all aspects.

Every project of Steel Frame Solutions can be, if required, be covered by third-party engineer’s producer statements PS1 and PS4.

The Process

Design and Manufacture

Our dedicated design, manufacture and installation teams can assist you through the entire process – we can advise on the building consent as well. We’re experienced with all facets of steel frame construction.

Achieve greater design flexibility

One of the key advantages of steel framing is how it enables us to design well beyond the limitations of traditional methods using timber.

Save up to 80% in engineering fees

We construct our tiny home frames using the world’s most code compliant engineering design software for cold formed steel structures. It is the only industry system that combines both engineering and design software.

This means we produce fully-engineered designs, so you save costs in compliance and rework. Designs are produced to code, with 80% of the engineering work already done. All the engineer has to do is review our work and sign it off. Which means you can save up to 80% in engineering fees.

The Process


The light gauge steel framing we produce is fabricated using the latest technology and designer software – it’s strapped and wrapped, ready for delivery to your site, in a matter of hours.

The Process


The use of light gauge steel framing is incredibly fast and efficient. The frames we produce are clearly labelled and full plans are easy to follow for onsite installation. Learn more about how easy it is to work with steel framing

New Zealand

Sourced and Manufactured

Steel Frame Solutions uses Axxis® steel with a 50 year Axxis® NZ Steel durability statement.

We can also supply all connectors and fasteners in addition to the framing components.

Our steel is 100% NZ sourced and manufactured, to ensure the highest quality. Beware of inferior imported steels, as they may not be suitable for NZ standards or as durable. Although they may appear cheaper, recent freight hikes have meant they can often end up costing more.

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Steel Frame Solutions

Why Steel Frames


No Toxic Chemicals


No Mould


No Rot


No Termites


No Gases & Vapours


No Shrinking, Cracking, Splitting, Creeping


No Bowing, Bending, Warping, Twisting or Movement


No Drying Out Required


Not Affected By Rain


No Rust


Non Combustible

Steel Frame Solutions

Easy to assemble, strong and durable

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