Steel Frame and truss

Build it once...
Build it right!

  • Design and Manufacture – minimal lead times
  • Residential and Commercial Steel Frame & Truss
  • NZ’s #1 choice in Tiny Home Steel Framing
  • Cleaner, greener and stronger
  • Up to 50% faster to construct
  • Up to 70% lighter than timber
  • Up to 80% saved in engineering fees
  • Cut to precise specifications for straighter, more accurate construction
  • Faster and easier to assemble….and we’re just getting started!

Using our Framecad software suite, Steel Frame Solutions is a leading designer and manufacturer of light gauged steel  frame & truss construction for tiny homes, residential and commercial building across New Zealand. 

We construct our steel frame and truss using the world’s most code compliant engineering design software for cold formed steel structures. It is the only industry system that combines both engineering and design software. The software fully incorporated into our manufacturing systems, for a complete design and build solution.

When you work with Steel Frame Solutions, you know you are dealing with experts in the building field. Our systems, design and manufacturing process and materials are second to none, so you get the best of everything, every time.

What we do

Steel Frame Solutions

Our light gauge steel frames are made with steel from Axxis® Steel that has been developed and tested by New Zealand Steel, for New Zealand conditions. As steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available, it is by nature a superior construction material.

From start to finish

Steel Frame & Truss Process


Custom Design

We’re experienced with all facets of steel frame design. Steel framing enables us to design well beyond the limitations of traditional methods using timber.



The light gauge steel framing we produce is fabricated using the latest technology and designer software – it’s strapped and wrapped, ready for delivery to your site.



We can provide installation which is carried out by teams of Licensed Building Practitioners who specialise in erecting steel framing. 

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