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Five Green Facts About Steel

Green facts building with steel

What would you prefer to do, chop down 40 to 50 trees or recycle six to seven cars? That`s what it takes to prefabricate a steel frame for the average house.

Recycling Steel – when it comes to sustainable qualities, its steel’s ability to be recycled that truly separates it from other building materials. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. In fact, more than 650 million metric tons of steel are recycled every year, more than all other materials combined.

In a steel home, every piece of manufactured steel is engineered, created and delivered with a purposeful destination. It is custom designed to fit your home’s structure, meaning that there is no steel “waste” produced onsite. In contrast, wood, the traditional method used to frame homes, arrives in bundles on site and is cut as needed, leaving an excessive amount of scrap wood pieces in the dumpster.

Steel is one of the most recyclable and reusable materials in the construction industry. Steel’s strength does not wear down, creep or buckle and can easily be repurposed for other projects. It is also 98% recyclable, placing it at the epitome of environmentally-conscious building frame materials.

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